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Propecia (Finasteride) is the only approved prescription product for the treatment of male pattern hair loss amongst men. If you are looking for Propecia online, or indeed more information about this product and how you can buy it then you have come to the right place. Our website has been set up with the intention of providing Propecia online information to you, helping you to decide which hair loss treatment would be the best option for you in treating your condition.

Propecia has been available in the UK now since 1997 and has shown to be effective in approximately 99% of all those who take it to treat their hair loss. It has shown that it can completely halt any further hair loss and in some cases can even cause new hair growth in those who buy Propecia online, in as little as 6-12 months of use. However, it is important to remember that this treatment can work differently from patient to patient, meaning that the success that one person may have when buying Propecia online may not necessarily be replicated for each and every other patient due to an individuals tolerance and susceptibility to this particular hair loss product. Propecia is currently available in a single dose, this being 1mg, and is taken once each and every day. It is also important to note that this product is not a cure for your hair loss and will need to be taken for as long as you wish to prevent any further loss of hair. This treatment must only be used and handled by men making it unsuitable for women to buy Propecia online.

The condition itself is not uncommon amongst men, with estimates suggesting that as many as 50% of all men are effected by male pattern hair loss, which can begin to develop as early as in a man’s early twenties. If you are one of those unlucky enough to begin loosing hair somewhere around this age then there is nothing to worry about as Propecia online could be the perfect solution for you to combat your condition. Over the course of numerous clinical trials that Propecia has undergone, this treatment has consistently shown the drug to be effective in treating this often embarrassing condition. One such study, which was conducted over a period of 5 years, has shown that 48% of the participants had experienced hair regrowth with a further 42% showing no further loss of hair since taking the treatment. If you would like more information or would even like to buy Propecia UK online then please follow the consultation which can be found on this page to be considered for this treatment.